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Internet of

The IoT services which ITMRD provides involves internationally accepted IoT experts who include software and hardware and interconnect the services with people via the help of Internet.


Cloud computing boosts the productivity of the workers and is best in protection of sensitive business data from getting destroyed even in worst disastrous situation. Many small and medium sized companies are implementing Cloud services throughout their business to gain mobility.

Mobile App

Mobile is not an alternative anymore, it has become a necessity. If your business is not going mobile then it’s not going anywhere. If you care for the growth of your business, then get a high performing, profit making and custom mobile app for your business.


The advancement in software engineering in the last few years has increased the need of automation of all aspects of testing, management of new releases, deployment, and has let new researchers and practitioners to develop new approaches for creating and operating softwares and services.


Automation Testing is a must for any software project for verifying the key functionality, testing for regressions, helping the team to run large number of tests in a short period of time automatically, etc. ITMRD offers easy to use automated software testing tools which help in testing wide range of desktop, web and mobile applications and supports 3rd party controls and frameworks.

Cyber Security

A Cyber Attack on your business can cost you billions in loss of revenue and it may take years to recover from tis loss. Whether your bsuiness is small or medium sized, the risk is always there. The cost associated with cyber events can reach to millions of dolars for covering legal settlements, loss of business, notification costs, legal settlements, etc.


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Multiple Functional CategoriesOne Incredible Platform


Project And Business Managment Platform

Network Story

Communal offices an affordable solution to Entrepreneurs


Contentuals is a content networking platform.


Comject is a product discovery & promotional portal


Online event and competition organize platform

Walk For Change

Social media campaigning & print media promotion


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